Thursday, January 10, 2008


Paul Craig writes:
When we woke up this morning we had a few visitors in the backyard. What a site, 45 elk (Joan counted em’) enjoying a morning snack on the golf course.

When Jerry Fecht asked Paul's permission to publish this photo, he wrote:

"Of course. Just so long as no crazed, armed Brothers decide to take up a
position on our rear balcony."

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Br. Paul Craig just sent along these photographs from Bill Borders from his home at the North Pole.

I recently received the attached pictures from Brother Willie Borders
showing a little dusting of snow they recently had. I don't know about you
but all I can think of is Jack Nicholson with an axe in his hand.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Hello Race fans, and what a night it was. Little Bit
of Baja ran a strong 2nd. place in the Champion of
Champions. Blues Girl Too won and set a new track
record . The great Dash for Cash held the record set
in 1976. When Baja won the Super Derby he ran the
last 220 yds in 9.29 beating Blues Girl Too. She ran
the last 220 in 9.46 in Champions race. Baja just
didn't break well and she broke like a bullet. Baja
was rolling fastest of all in the stretch but she was
the Champion this time. The champions race has been
run 35 times and Baja's time would have won 29 of
those races. His share of the purse was $160,000. His
total earnings are apx. $550,000. This is loads of
fun. His next race is Feb. 3nd. The attachment is a
video of horses and owners that were in the Champions
race. This time I bet and I also hit the superfecta.
"Whata country"......Hope everyone is well. Jerry McAlevey


Canoga Park Postcard - Collection of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley - gift of Gary Fredburg

Ok! One of you intrepid Phi Delt car buffs has to be able to give The Museum of the San Fernando Valley an idea of when this post card was made. Even a non-surfer like me has to envy the woody station wagon across Sherman Way.

You can either share you conclusions by going to the comments below (you'll need to give Google your email address and password - it's free) or email me at