Friday, May 2, 2008


Brothers Ron Lutz and Jim Reeves serve "punch" to Omega Chi Omega Sisters at the Patty Murphy's Wake exchange.
Brother Jim Grady shows an Omega Chi girl the Phi Delta Psi house. Note the built in projector windows.

Note from Br. Jim Grady:
Thanks for including me in the blog. The pictures bring back some good memories. The picture of Jim Reeves and Ron Lutz I believe serving beer behind the bar in Chatsworth is classic. I think we all served behind that bar at one time or another.
Thanks again for bringing all of us other together again.
I still try to keep in touch with Dick Ruffolo, Kit Slater and Jim Reeves. In fact I just responded back to LeRoy Hunts's e-mail regarding the blog.



Jerry Hilliard and Jack Smith lead the funeral procession at the Omega Chi Omega Patty Murphy's Wake Party 1961. I think Louie Syre brings up the rear.

Brother Kit Slayter gets very serious with an Omega Chi Omega sister Bonnie Popoff. Br. Brent Brodie at the left finds it hard to keep a straight face. This photo's number is OCO-5-61

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Photos are in the Phi Delta Psi Archive of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley - 2008


Bob Marko - Omega Chi Omega Exchange - Fall of 1961
Phi Delta Psi Archive of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley - 2008
No one loved a good party more than Br. Bob Marko. Bob felt that putting on a great party was a responsibility of his Polish heritage.
This photograph gives the viewer a good idea of what the Fireplace of the Beta Chapter looked like. The Phi Delta Psi crest, to the left the Lamp of Wisdom and to the right the Scales of Libra. Bob is standing in front of the ritual candle, that was always lighted when a Brother was awake in the house.
Photo # OCO-4-61 click on the photo to enlarge the image.


Left) Br. Jack Smith, and two unknown persons Photo OCO-1-61

Al Aquino, unknown on bed, Louis Syre and Frank DeMarco,
Photo # OCO-2-61

Dick Uschyk, unknown, Frank DeMarco, woman unknown, Bob Robar Bud Kruse, and front John Donald Photo # OCO-3-61

Patty Murphy's Wake Party - Beta Chapter - Phi Delta Psi Fraternity Archive of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley 2008 -
Los Angeles Pierce College. Exchange with the Omega Chi Omega Sorority
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Br. Al Conahan adds: Brother Jack Smith was an accomplished gymnast.
"Al Aquino is in touch with an Omega from that era, JoAnn Mazzaro. maybe she will recall the woman in that pic as well as the Blond attached at the hip with Bob Robar."

Thursday, May 1, 2008


One of the San Fernando Valley's greatest friends of history, Danton Burroughs has died. Dan died sometime after 10 last evening. He had struggled with Parkinson's Disease for sometime, but his death may have been related to a significant fire among his historical treasures on April 30th. Danton was the grandson of the beloved author Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of Tarzan.
Danton died at his home in Tarzana, a San Fernando Valley suburb named by his grandfather. Danton was the son of the great American photographer John Coleman Burroughs. He was a founder of the Tarzana Museum and supporter of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley.
Danton was a member of Chi Chi Chi Fraternity at Los Angeles Pierce College and was a lifelong friend of many members of the Beta Chapter of the Phi Delta Psi Fraternity. Among the last persons to speak with him is Br. Jerry Berns who had a long conversation with Dan about 8 o'clock last evening. He commented to Jerry Fecht, the morning after the fire, that he cherished his college friends, who were the greatest of his treasures.
At Dan's request, Jerry Fecht went to his home the morning after the fire to photograph damage. The photographs are a tragic record of how fragile our friendships and our history can be.
Services for Danton are not as yet decided.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


California Air National Guard - Admission Tickets (4) Nov. 11, 1964 - Gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley - 2008 - from Gary Fredburg

When Brother Gary Fredburg gave these raffle/admission tickets to the Museum tonight, I thought of Founder Steve Falk and Kit Slayter who belonged to this group. Remember it met in a barracks-like compound just off Balboa Boulevard at the Van Nuys Airport.

Beta Chi Delta Exchange

I think this is an exchange with Beta Chi Delta.
Can you find yourself or a favorite young woman in this photograph?

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Tom Shanley

Br. Jerry J. Hilliard, unknown, unknown, and Rayne Sherman

These photos are in the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley under Pierce College, Phi Delta Psi

Monday, April 28, 2008


Photo # PCB -2-61
director: Br. Larry Tunison
singers: L to R
Rayne Sherman, John Donald, Eric Haup, Bill Eisleben, and Al B. Conahan

This is a comment on the photo by Br. Al B. Conahan
"Hello All,
The song leader is our beloved Larry Tunison. I would guess sometime near Christmas Time in the Fall of "62". Why? because Bill and I were in the Fall of "62" class.
It seems to be at a Pierce classroom or study hall. May have been for the Greek Organizations Holiday presentation held at the school for the community.

Larry played the guitar and often lead us in song at the frat house. Very fond memories. My favorite diddy he would do for us , was "Have a little Madeira My Dear". I remember when you came to the house once, Jerry, we were in a singing mood and all of us were in good form. You were impressed at how damn good we were. If i knew then what i know now, we would have released an album.

I like playing "Name that Brother (or sister)" as it were. Keeps my "Madd Cow" under control.
I remain Big AL


Left to Right
top: Jerry Berns, with cigar is Steve Alleman, Eric Haupt, behind Eric is Tim Ahlberg, in front of Eric is John Donald, head on Eric's shoulder is Rayne Sherman, Dick Mlack and Frank DeMarco

Please identify this photo as # PCB-1-61
You can use the Comments section of this posting, or e-mail corrections to Jerry Fecht

These black and white photos are from a Beta Chapter album c. 1962. The photos were attached by an adhesive that long ago failed. Each time the pages of the album are turned the photos fall out. I am gradually scanning all of the pictures, sending copies to Br. LeRoy Hunt and securing the original photographs in the Phi Delta Psi archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley.

Jerry, this was identified as a stag around 1961. I joined in Spring 62, so it is probably in that time frame.
I actually remember the shirt I had on. I loved it and wore it a lot!!
These pics are great!!
Thanks again for doing this. Dick Mlack

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Brother Christopher O. Slayter was initiated into our Phi Delta Psi Brotherhood in the Spring of 1961 at Los Angeles Pierce College.
Brother Slayter was born on October 10 in Los Angeles, California. He graduated from Reseda High School. He served the Brotherhood as Rush Chairman for Beta Chapter.
Brother Kit Slayter's National Guard Unit was activated during the Viet Nam War in 1968. Christopher graduated from San Jose State University in 1965, after which he became a Certified Public Accountant. He earned a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Southern California in 1970.
He and Kathey have two daughters.
This image was photoshopped. It was taken during a Beta Ski Trip in January 1962. Kit and his wife Kathey live in Tempe, Arizona.

Note from Kit (Falcon is a nickname for Jerry Fecht)
Where did you get those pictures? I think the trip is a little earlier than Jan 62, because that is my car, 53 Ford that I think we traded out in 61.
Oh well. I am so glad to see that I haven't changed one bit.
I think we went to Frasier Park, up on the Grape Vine, this might have been the same day Berman shattered his leg on the Toboggan. Some of the Alfa guys were in the area.

Note from Dave Berman
Yeah, about 1962. Joe Ells, Dave Heinz Myself and maybe McAlevey. We took our dates to Mt. Pinos. I got on the front of our rented toboggan, with three of our girl friends behind me. They did not follow instructions very well and as a consequence we rode straight into a tree at the bottom of the hill, going entirely too fast. One of the girls tore up her hand pretty badly, but I got the worst of it with a broken femur. Took about 6 months, and a lot of sympathy, to heal. Aha the good old days.
David B.