Saturday, October 16, 2010


These photographs were published today on the blog of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley.

One of the most popular sororities at Los Angeles Valley College in the 1960s was the Theta Rho Theta.
These photographs were taken from images still in Roz Stern's scrapbook. The photographs were glued onto the book, and removal for scanning endangered the images.
 These color snapshots were taken on February 17th, 1963 at the Phi Delta Psi Fraternity house on Victory Boulevard. An all-Greek festival was taking place. "All Valley College Greeks participated with games, fun and laughs."

 "Poor Kirby gets wet at the Phi Delt booth"  Evidently, the Phi Delta Psi brothers had constructed a dunking stand. Kirby and a friend Vito Mazzarino had been in the US Navy together and had just started Valley College.
"Barbara checks out the scene at the carnival"