Friday, January 21, 2011


I met at lunch today with Paul Raymond Estavillo, who was once the President of the Tri Chi Fraternity at Pierce College. Our Beta Chapter Brothers. who knew Paul at Pierce thought he was a really fine man and a terrific student leader.
In 1972, after he returned from a stint in the US Air Force, Paul served as AMS president at Pierce and was chosen the school's Man of the Year. Competition from Tri  Chi made the Phi Delts work harder and to try to "out class" them. 
Today Paul is dedicated to Catholic education, having taught at St. Catherine of Siena in Reseda, Providence High School in Burbank and working at  Villanova Prep in Ojai. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Archaeology and History from Cal. State University Northridge. 

Paul will be working with The Museum to preserve Tri Chi history, our education programs and the arts. You might wish to check out his activities on Facebook Paul Raymond Estavillo.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


 Photo 2326

 Photo 2327

 Photo 2328

 Photo 2329  far right Br. Donald Collins

 Photo 2331  far left Br. Jerry Hillard  foreground Br. Paul Martz

Photo 2334   Br. Christopher Bush

RUSH DATE PARTY October 1960

These photos of an October 1960 Phi Delta Psi Date Rush Party are a gift to the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Br. Jerry Berns 2009. The photos have been enlarged about 3 times their actual size. Please identify people according to the Photo Number - left to right - bottom to top. (click on images to enlarge more).

 Photo number 2321

 Photo 2322  unknown woman - Brother Jerry Hillard

 Photo 2324  - unknown woman - I believe the happy fellow is Br. Don Chrystl

 Photo 2323  Br. Jerry Hillard with a lamp on his head - shades of the 1920s.

 Photo 2325
Photo 2333


Your guess is as good as mine on these pictures, labeled as Zeta Tau Exchange, October 1960.

 Br. Roy LoBianco.  Photo 2314 - Must have been a Phi Delt house, since there is a Fraternity Mug on the book shelf.
 Please identify these young woman from front left - photo 2315

 Br. Bob Robar - Photo number 2316

October 1960 - Zeta Tau - Phi Delt excange party - photo 2317


These early photos of the Fraternity were donated to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley by Br. Jerry Berns in 2009.
 Br. Jerry Fecht speaks at the Fall 1959 "Smoker". Note the Phi Delt banner in the background.
 Photo 2304
 Newly initiated Br. Dave Clancy, I believe with his parents, at a Parents Day. This may have been taken at the Oxnard House before Beta Chapter was formed - U.S. Grant High School under construction in the background. Photo 2305.  Br. Clancy was the first Pledge Master of Beta Chapter.

 Popular disc jockey Dell Moore speaks at an early Phi Delta Psi "Smoker". In the background is the Bob Harnow quartet. This group inspired our guys to form their own quartet. Photo 2306

 Br. Ted Quillen speaks at the Fall Smoke 1959. Ted was the first honorary initiate of the Fraternity. He was a big time LA disc jockey on Radio KFWB.  Photo 2307

 Br. Jerry Fecht speaks at the Fall 1959 "smoker". Note the handmade Phi Delta Psi letters on the crest on the podium.  Jerry was the 6th President of the Fraternity. Photo 2308

7th President of the Phi Delta Psi Fraternity, Br. Rowland LoBianco Jr. Speaking at a Rush Smoker in 1959. Photo 2309.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Among the photographs kept by Brother Bob Marko were these pictures given to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley by Jerry Berns in 2009. Some images have been cropped to bring out the people in the pictures.
 New Year's Eve December 31, 1957 at the first Fraternity house at 5807 Topanga Canyon Boulevard.
At left holding Phi Delt mug in blue suit is Founder Jim Maquirk. In gray jacket is Br. Edward Brickman (Fall 1957). I think the man behind the woman in red is Br. Gary Smith (but, am not sure).
Man at right is unknown.  Refer to photo 2300 (click on image to enlarge)

 New Brother Dale Sonnabend presents President Roy LoBianco with a restored antique telephone. Seated is Brother Richard Magidson.  (Photo number 2301)

 Founder Donald B. Taggart at the Fall 1959 Rush Smoker. (photo number 2302)

This bar was built at the Topanga house during the Fall of 1957. Brother Jerry Fecht (with curly hair no less) is tending it. Brother Bob Robar peaks in from the far lest. At the right is Founder Jim Maquirk.  (Photo 2303) -  December 31, 1957.


From the inception of the Phi Delta Psi Fraternity, we had brothers who attended both Valley and Pierce Colleges. Our meeting place on Topanga Canyon lent itself to the inclusion of Pierce students. As the Fraternity grew, the focus of school activities on two campuses became a burden.  At last the decision was made to create two chapters. The original members were initiates of the Mother Chapter.
Here Brother Jerry Buttaccio accepts the lighted candle of Brotherhood from President Roy LoBianco Jr (in gray sweater). Fortunately, there were two candlesticks, one of which had been stored away.
In the background (left in red jacket) is Brother Ed Hart, next to the right is Brother John Valvo, and to the far right is Brother Jerry Cipperley. It was one of the most exciting nights in the history of the Maple Leaf Brotherhood.
Shortly after this photograph was taken, Jerry Buttaccio was elected Beta Chapter's first president.
The forming of Beta Chapter - Photo in the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley - refer to image number 2299.  Gift to The Museum from Jerry Berns 2010 - click to enlarge.