Monday, February 20, 2012

Br. Paul Queyrel's SUPER BOWN PARTY

Some of Br. Bill Border's photographs taken at Br. Paul Queyrel's Super Bowl party 2012:

I will identify more people in the pictures, after I get the names double checked.

Brother Barry Marx holds the sheep dog purchased for him by his Phi Delt brothers.

Left to right:
Ron Watson, Bob Sloan, Tom Nye, Bill Borders, Gary Fredburg, Arnie Levy, Barry Marx and Phi Delt dog, Ed Hart, Rod Davis, Mike Rosenthal, Marv Smith (partially hidden), Jerry McAlevey, Hernando Pardo, Rowland Scott, hidden unknown, Paul Craig, unknown in blue shirt, unknown in pink shirt, Dennis McLaughlin, unknown in plaid shirt, Jerry Olson’s head from back, Pete Ruiz and Paul Queyrel.  Jerry Fecht seated.

Brothers Paul Craig (left)  and Gary Fredburg at the Cupid's Hot Dog station. Gary's own tradition is bringing real Cupid's hot dogs and chili for the Super Bowl occasion.