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With the loss of Brother Art Arocha, Br. Jerry Berns sends this photo along to remind us of Art's spirit and love of life.
We are the Phi Delt Raiders, the...............


Lunch at Art's Deli in Studio City - top left Founder Bob Paul top right Founder Steve Falk. bottom left Jerry Fecht, bottom right Founder Grady Talbot.
Grady Talbot, Bob Paul and Steve Falk - Three of the 13.


Founder Robert Paul was born on the 17th of April. Because of family finances, Bob took his first job at the age of 13 and worked his way through high school and college. By the time he was 17, he operated a small business in Hollywood for an owner who had moved to San Diego. Bob was "in charge" and learned much from the experience.
In the Fall of 1956, while continuing to run the business, Brother Bob Paul and twelve other young me founded the Phi Delta Psi Fraternity while attending classes at Los Angeles Valley College.
At the age of 23, shortly after Bob’s marriage, the owner of the business in Hollywood sold the company. Brother Paul did not care for the new owner. He applied for, and was accepted for a job at Lockeed. He continued taking college classes while working full time.
Early in his career at Lockeed, Bob was selected to work as a negotiator with foreign governments and industries. He later moved to Europe as a program manager for a "fighter licensed manufacturing program. Lockheed licensed its products and patents in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy. "I was in charge of a great team of engineers, manufacturing engineers and quality people. We achieved the largest profit in Lockheed's history - about 40%. "
After three years living in Munich, Germany and later in the Netherlands, Founder Paul returned to Burbank. "Lockheed was a great company to work for, and they gave me one great task after another. At the age of 32, I was the youngest vice president in the corporation's history. " He remained in corporate headquarters until his retirement at age 55.
Because of his successes in Europe, Bob was soon viewed as an expert in international business. He traveled throughout the world, building agreements with industries and governments. He also set up international offices for Lockheed overseas. Bob traveled over 200,000 miles a year. Often his wife and later his children were able to travel with him.
While at Lockheed, he was sent to important programs at Harvard University, the University of Southern California, Northwestern University and the Wharton School of Business.
He served on two organizational boards (in Arizona and upstate New York) that educated working managers in industry in the United States. Br. Paul represented the aerospace industry. He also was among the founders of the Board for the Center For Advanced Purchasing Studies (caps). It is now known as the Center of Supply Chain Management, in Tempe, Arizona. Bob was appointed by the Governor of California to the Board for the State Apprenticeship Council. he served on that board for three years.
His college friends recall him as driving a black 1958 Volkswagen in 1958, and being an avid skier.
Br. Paul served on the Board of the Independent Colleges of California. His job was to raise money for the 15 member colleges that ranged from San Diego to Santa Barbara. He helped to raised from three to four million dollars a year. Bob also served on the Board of the Mood-Booth Family Center in North Hollywood. The complex housed about 400 one-parent families until they were self-sufficient.
In his career at Lockheed, Bob met ten heads of state, worked at all levels of domestic and foreign aerospace. "Everyday that I came to work, I learned from someone, and it helped my growth." During his career, he worked in all aspects of Lockheed's business, including: in production, budgeting, human resources, legal, scientific and business computing, graphic arts, labor relations and training.
Bob is married to Doreen (Moen). He has three daughters, all of whom live in Southern California. Doreen and Bob have five grandchildren and three sons in law. He has served twice as the president of his church, and three times as president of Southern California's oldest ski club. He loves to snow ski, backpack, fly-fishing, golf, motor cycle riding and mountain bikes. Bob makes time to design and build future.
Founder Paul served eight years in the United States Naval Reserve, attending meeting every Monday night, and for two weeks each summer. All of the surface division's units were sent to Asia, with the exception of Br. Bob's group.
In 2002, Bob Paul resides near Reno, Nevada.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Frances Robar passed away ON March 21st. She had been living at Buena Vista, a health care facility in Hemet, CA. In late November of last year she suffered a stroke, which lessened her capabilities.

The services for Frances Robar:
Monday, March 29, 2010

9:00 am – Viewing - McWane Funeral Home - 350 N. San Jacinto St., Hemet, CA - 951-658-9497

10:00 am – Funeral Service – immediately following the viewing at McWane Funeral Home
12:00 - Internment - Riverside National Cemetery - 22495 Van Buren Blvd., Riverside, CA 92518 - 951-653-8417

1:30/2:00 - Return to Robar Home for Lunch - 229 No. Hemet Street, Hemet, CA 92544 - 951-927-4646

Contact Jerry Fecht for Bob Robar's telephone number and/or email address.


Dear Friends and Brothers,

The family, friends and fraternity brothers of Arturo (Art) Arocha will gather on Saturday April 24th for a memorial Mass at the Old Mission church of Our Lady Queen of Angeles by Olvera Street. The Mass begins at 5:30 pm.

The church is the oldest religious structure in Los Angeles:

535 N. Main Street, LA 90012.

Parking is on the street or in a city parking lot right next to the church.

Arturo's Widow, Carmen and their three children and newest Grandson, Arturo Sebastian, who is 2 months old, are going to come here from Petiquito, Senora to spread some of Arturo's ashes and visit with family and friends.

After the Mass, we will go directly across the street to La Luz del Dia, Arturo's favorite Mexican Restaurant, where we will fiesta, according to Br. Jerry Berns in "Arturo-style with way to much Tequila, Cervesa, Marachies and the best Mexican Food this side of Carmen's kitchen, in Pitiquito, Mexico!”

It is very easy to reach the church and restaurant by subway or train, as they are just across from the main entrance of Union Station.

Please join us for the service and celebration of Br. Art Arocha’s life and adventures. All members of the Phi Delta Psi are welcomed to join us.

Jerry Berns