Friday, May 22, 2009


"Pierce College allowed me to earn credits for enrollment at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Pierce also set in motion my childhood dreams of flying off U.S. Navy Carriers. I went on to be an F-4 fighter pilot during the Viet Nam war.
Pierce taught me the skills to open my landscape, irrigation and maintenance company. I am still in business to this day. Needless to say, I have always been self-employed. Ross L. Hanover."

Ross Hanover and his wife Janis live in Canyon Lake, California. He is also a graduate of James Monroe High School in the San Fernando Valley. The Ross live in a double wide mobile home overlooking the golf course on which he plays regularly. He now works two days a week.
The date of his initiation into the Beta Chapter of our Brotherhood is not known.

Thursday's Phi Delt Lunch

Jerry Berns
Jerry Fecht
Gary Fredburg
LeRoy Hunt
Arnie Levy
Joe Palazola
Tom Montes
Ralph Muzzillo
Grady Talbot
It was so nice for Uncle Artie Hortze to have us send him the bill.

"It was great seeing everyone yesterday. It so good to see Ralph. I was going to join his group (Pi Kappa Tau alumni) that evening, butsomething came up and had to go home.
Boy, are you fast on the blog site!
I have one correction. While I did pledge in the Fall of '59, I chose (for reasons that I can't remember) to depledge.
Thankfully, the brotherhood allowed me to pledge again in Spring of '60. Ralph did pledge in the Fall of '59.
I have June 18th for the next lunch. Looking forward to it.
I will see if I can't get Jim Reeves and Phil Gatch to come. I wonder if Sam Cota would be available, I will call him.
Joe told me he has some sort of long standing commitment for
the 18th, so unless things change, he can't make that one." LeRoy

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Br. LEROY HUNT at the Barone's Lunch

LeRoy Hunt (click on image to enlarge)
Brother LeRoy Hunt drove from Santa Barbara to join his Brothers at their monthly lunch at Barone's Pizza. LeRoy was initiated into our Brotherhood in the Fall of 1959. He became an important leader of our Pierce College Beta Chapter and has remained loyal over his lifetime. After graduation, he entered his family's china business in Santa Barbara and Vetura.
LeRoy's most recent adventure was an evacuation from the Santa Barbara wildfire. He and his wife Sherry Dennis Hunt lost their home in the previous Santa Barbara fire.

Br. RALPH MUZZILLO at Barone's Lunch

Brother Ralph Muzzillo is one of the major leaders of our Fraternity. Initiated at our Pierce College Beta Chapter in the Fall of 1959, Ralph was instrumental in the creation of Gamma Chapter at California State University Northridge. When the university ordered the chapter's disassociation with the Phi Delta Psi, Ralph Muzzillo and others founded the Pi Kappa Tau Fraternity based on the principles of our Fraternity. In turn, Pi Kappa Tau became a colony of Sigma Alpha Epsion. Some years later, SAE was removed from that campus.
Ralph Muzzillo became the Executive Vice President of Texas State Bank in Beaumont until his retirement in 2009.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Don't forget, a no host lunch at Barone's Pizza on Thursday the 21st of May.
Our time together begins at 1 pm (The Thirteenth Hour).
Barone's is in Valley Village right by Valley College - Oxnard and Woodman.
1.50 to park


Subject: Re: a simple favor for Pierce College

Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2009, 11:15 AM

Back in 1959 I had an interest merely to learn a trade and to get a job. Electronics seemed to be a good field, so I enrolled in the electronics technician program at Pierce College.
I was fully influenced by a great teacher, Mr. William "Bill" Shaw. His great sense of humor made his classes interesting and not boring. I would like to think his classes gave me a great background.
I received my Associate of Arts in June 1961. I had joined the Phi Delta Psi fraternity and wanted to continue with school (and all the parties). The influence of those young men had me want more that an AA degree.
A few more classes with Bill Shaw and I was able to apply at California State University Long Beach and received Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, Electronics.

Gerald R. Olson

Gerald Olson and his family reside in Manhattan Beach, California. He works as a service engineer for an electonics firm in Whittier, California.