Wednesday, April 2, 2008

An old Phi Delta Smoker Joke

This is an old Phi Delt smoker joke.

A Zen Buddist lightning rod salesman is traveling through Kansas when he sees a farmer beating a horse. He stops.
"Why are you beating the horse?" he asked.
"The horse won't pull my plow!"
"Would you mind my speaking with your horse" asked the Zen lightning rod salesman? "We Zen Buddhists can talk with animals."
He whispers in the horse's ear. The horse whinnies and the salesman says.
"He says he has a burr under the harness and it is painful to pull the plow." The farmer removes the burr and the horse resumes its work.
Then the salesman hears chickens.
"They are worthless" says the farmer.
"Do you mind me talking with your chickens?"
Cluck, cluck............
"Well your chickens are not laying eggs, because you went to town and got drunk and failed to feed them"
"Do you mind me speaking with your sheep?"
The farmer responds,
"Nah..... you can't believe those lying bastards."

Phi Delt Smoker joke.