Wednesday, October 23, 2013


CHERISHING OUR VALLEY                    2013

When Gerald Olson was in the eighth grade in the fall of 1954, General Motors presented a new Chevrolet in its showrooms. Jerry says "  I loved the looks of the '55,  right from the start." It was the first year of the Chevrolet V8s, and "the first year of the Chevrolet V8's.  The engine turned out to be a classic in and of itself.    The new Chevrolet  V8's  including the Corvette,  still have the same Bore Centers,  albeit  none of the parts."  

Glendale born, Jerry Olson attended Pierce College in Woodland Hills, where he was initiated into Beta Chapter of the Phi Delta Psi. He graduated from California State University Long Beach. One of his retirement dreams came through when he displayed to old Phi Delt friends recently at a lunch at Barone's in Valley Glen, his new/old 1955 dream car.

Br. Gerald Olson with his classic 1955 Chevrolet.


Burnet D. Brown

      Brother Burnet Brown was initiated into Detinu Vidal Chapter of the Phi Delta Psi Fraternity in the year 1971. On finishing his studies at Moorpark College, Burnet transferred to the University of California Los Angeles, where he majored in economics. He completed his graduate studies in Energy Resources at the University of California Berkeley.
      Burnet has a lifelong love of history and nature. Just after high school he walked the Pacific Crest / John Muir Trail from the Mexican border to Canada. In later years, he took a leave from Marketing and Financial Management Enterprises to hike the Continental Divide, again from Mexico to Canada. His chief areas of historical interest are the American Civil War and California history.
    After college, Burnet worked as a research specialist for Booz Hamilton in Washington D.C. Later he became a Marketing Research and Planning specialist for Marketing Financial Management Enterprises, a company owned by Brs. Chet Swenson and  Steve Falk in Woodland Hills, California.
      In 2013 Burnet Brown is an independent Marketing Consultant. He is actively involved in the marketing of environmentally friendly inventions and products.
Burnet served as a founding member of the Board of Directors for The Museum of the San Fernando Valley.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Left: Br. Bob McMaster (unknown woman), Inez Cota and Sam Cota and daughter. July 1985.
Br. Bob lives in Valencia, (or, Santa Clarita), California.  Br. Ignatius Cota lives in Camarillo, California. (click on image to enlarge it.) 
Refer to Museum of the San Fernando Valley photo: 1013-003-6277