Thursday, February 24, 2011


Brother Bob Robar was born on the 29th of April in Bakersfield, California. He was initiated into the Brotherhood of Phi Delta Psi in the Fall of 1957.
Bob served our Fraternity as a founder of and President of Beta Chapter at Los Angeles Pierce College.

 Br. Robert Robar - 2011

After Pierce College, Bob went to work for Rocketdyne in its Advanced Design Department.  He was in a program where the employee worked for one year, then went back to school for a year to get an engineering degree in 8 years.  Because of the instability of the aerospace industry Bob made a career change. In April 1960 and went on the Los Angeles City Fire Department.
In November 1961, while awaiting induction into military service, Bob joined the United States Navy Reserves in North Hollywood. Later he transferred to a Submarine unit in Long Beach.  In January 1963 he went on active duty and was sent to New London, Connecticut for Submarine School. Bob graduated 5th in the class and was assigned to the USS Abraham Lincoln, SSBN. (Submarine Service Ballistic Nuclear)  This was ballistic missile sub stationed out of Holy Lock, Scotland.  After 2 tours of the Blue Crew, he was promoted and reassigned to the USS John Marshall on which he served as a navigator. 
  After his military service, Br. Robar returned the Los Angeles City Fire Department, where he served for 32 years rising to the rank of Captain II. He was promoted to Captain I in 1973, and Captain II in 1979. Bob.  He  worked at various locations throughout Los Angeles and moved to Fire Station 96 in Chatsworth in 1982.  He remained at that station until he retired in June 1992 after 32+ years.
 In 1966, he married Susanna Shutz. Bob and Susanna are active in their church as teachers. The Robars still live in the home they purchased through our Founder Doug West (real estate broker) in 1970. 
Robert Robar is a trustee of Anchor Education Foundation, overseeing the Maple Leaf Endowment Fund. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The following photographs were donated to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley by Br. Jerry Berns in 2010.  (click on images to enlarge)
 Unknown woman and Br. Rayne Sherman

 Br. Bob Marko
 left Br. Ray Ross
 Left Br. Gary Smith, Br. Joe Aquino and unknown woman

With his back to the camera is Br. Larry Tunison


This is one of my favorite pictures. It was taken just before the Sunday night meeting of the Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Psi at LA Pierce College.
Refer to photo 2533 - The photo is a gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Jerry Berns 2010. (click on image to enlarge)

left to right Tom Montes (with legs crossed, Phil Capka, Rayne Sherman, Jerry Berns,

left (behind Montes) John Wimsatt, ________ (standing)
Note above the mantle of the fireplace "Raiders - Phi Delta Psi"