Thursday, December 3, 2009


Brother Gary Fredburg and I were at the Pierce College Farm Center to set up an all-San Fernando Valley "spring-cleaning / garage sale" for Valley historical organizations, and took a walking tour of the facility. Both of us got the feeling that someone was looking at us. When Gary looked up he saw four goats checking out the world below.
Gary has been working diligently with Brothers Grady Talbot and me to build The Museum of the San Fernando Valley, and to create opportunities for our far flung Brothers to see one another.


The Spivey Family
Brother Bill Spivey was initiated into the Phi Delta Psi Fraternity in the Fall of 1964.
A letter from Bill:
Dear Friends,
Following an Associate of Arts degree in Graphic Design from Pierce College, Los Angeles and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising from Woodbury University, Los Angeles,
I accepted an offer from Philco Ford Aeronutronic, Newport Beach, CA.
After enjoying 3 wonderful years in the art department, a change felt appropriate. I had been a Leadman of a Technical Illustration team, but had an offer from a supervisor. The head of the commercial art department was moving to the private sector. The chance to be at his right hand and grow my experience was compelling.
Wayne Hendricks, owner of Graphico Design, was a tremendous mentor and motivator, but after 3 years of observation and experience, it was my time to test the waters.
William Spivey Design enjoyed 25 years as a prominent design firm in Newport Beach, CA. At 55 years of age, I was mature enough for my first and only marriage to Mechelle Salon. We had a baby girl in December of 2002. In that same year we moved from our long time home in Corona del Mar, California to Cocoa Beach, Florida. After some 5 years or so in Florida, we recently settled in Austin, Texas.
I am enjoying semi retirement, performing occasional projects and reconnecting to old friends.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Brother Roy LoBianco

Roy LoBianco, the Sunday after Thanksgiving in Studio City. The rescue dog, Missy, is his constant companion. Brother LoBianco was in the Fraternity's first pledge class. He wrote the Fraternity's song. Today, he and Missy live in Palm Springs, California.