Saturday, January 8, 2011


 Br. Don Collins, outgoing President of Beta Chapter, is given a surprise party in the fall of 1960  - refer to photo 2231 (click on image to enlarge)
 Br. Phil Gatch in black sweater leaning toward the floor. Br. Ron Lutz, when smoking wasn't bad for you.  - Photo 2230  - Gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Br. Jerry Berns 2010

 left - unknown - center Br. Don Collins - right Br. LeRoy Hunt  - photo 2232

 Br. Don Christl with guitar - unknown girl and Br. Tom Shanley with wine glass
 Photo 2233

 Br. Alan Aquino with unknown girl - Fall 1960 - photo no. 2235

 I'd forgotten about this dog, until I saw this photo. Remember "Lucky" - Beta Chapter's mascot -  photo 2236
Brother Don Collins is surprised at the Pierce College Chapter House of Phi Delta Psi -  Fall 1960
photo 2234  - couple in the doorway is unknown.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Here is a group of Phi Delta Psi Fraternity snapshots taken in October of 1960. They were among the effects of Br. Bob Marco. Gift to the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Br. Jerry Berns 2010.
 right in discreet jacket is Br. Bob Robar.  Rush Party October 1960   Photo 2224

 left: Br. Rowland LoBianco Jr. middle is Br. Eugene Clinesmith.
 " thank you so much ..., i love the pictures.....Sue Clinesmith" Jan. 2011

 Br. Alan Aquino          Photo number 2225     (click on image to enlarge)

 left is Br. Bob Robar, in center may be Br. Jerry Silver and Br. Bob Marco at right

 left seated: Br. Craig Pinkard, Br. Aladin Zarrinpour, Founder Don Taggart and two unidentified
Photo number 2228  (click on image to enlarge"

 left Br. Jerry Hillard, Br. Frank DeMarco and Br. Aladdin Zarrinpour. (photo number 2222)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


 These four photographs were tucked into the back of the Pledge Class - Spring 1967 of Beta Chatper's photo album. left unknown, in brown sweater Ron Lutz, next to Ron is Gerald Olson. Person in the foreground is unknown.  Photo number 2169
 Left Harvey Mayfield, center is Dusty Raby and right is Craig Huseth.
 Unknown photo 2176   John Bogdanoff identifies center as Br. Dave Page.
Photo 2173 in dark sweater is Br. Michael Levine. In white shirt is Michael Tozzi.


Ditch day was a beloved Pledge Brothers' tradition in the Phi Delta Psi Fraternity. Here the six Pledges of Spring 1967 announce their organized rebellion from their Pledge jobs, by presenting the Ditch Day skin to be placed in the Fraternity house (without getting caught) Often Ditch Day was accompanied by the kidnapping of favorite active members.
 front: Michael Tozzi, left in white jacket is Steve Roberts, Craig Huseth, Michale Lombari drinking a beer, Eldon Griffis, and Michael Levine holding a goose of some sort.   photo 2180

 Pledge Ron Nelson in red sweatshirt, Michale Lombardi with hands in the air, Bob Dianella with hat, and Elton Griffis with checkered shirt - men in the background are unknown - Photo 2182
(click on images to enlarge) 

 Steve Roberts with beer, Michael Tozzi looking over his arm unknown giving the camera the finge, and Elton Griffis  (click on image to enlarge - photo number 2183)
 Laying Ditch Day plans Spring 1967   foreground left is Eldon Griffis, Craig Huseth in plaid shirt,
on couch is Jan Blank (who changed his name to Paul Brandon after college) and Ken Keener with white hat.  - photo 2184
Br. Dusty Raby with two young women - photo among Ditch Day images - 2181

LAS VEGAS PARTY IN 1967 - Part Two

Continuation of Las Vegas Night photographs - donated by Br. Jerry Berns to the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley.
 Please try to identify these people for our history. left to right at the table - three standing people - left to right - two men (one with Phi Delt blazer crest) and young woman. Photo 2187
Br. John Bogdanoff id - "Bob Warren seated on left Patty Clay- his wife (in yellow dress) next to him, Pete Cavaliere on the right with the blazer...Pete pledged with Bob and me Fall '63.........." 

Br. Gary Fredburg thinks that the fellow to the left of Br. Cavaliere is Br. Dave Strole.

 Please identify these couples left to right - Photo 2188
Left unknown woman, Br. Frank Nemescek, unknown woman, middle Br. George Gonzales
(identified by John Bogdanoff)
 Left is Brother Paul Colbert - center with shades is Br. Paul Pryor - Photo number 2194

 I think the Brother in red vest is Don George, standing with Br. Bob Marko in the aftermath of the Las Vegas Night party.  Photo 2196

I think the man in the foreground with gold Phi Delt blazer if Br. Joe Riggio. The dealer is Pledge Brother Michael Levine. Man with drink is Pledge Brother Harvey Mayfield.

LAS VEGAS PARTY IN 1967 - Part One

Among the photos in the Spring 1967 Pledge Album are these pictures of very successful Las Vegas Night event.
 Brother Bill Hiegert with two unknown women - photo 2189

 Brother Paul Pryor and unknown woman - Photo 2190

 Pledge Brother Greg Huseth and unknown woman.  photo 2191

 left unknown Brother with Bob Marko - after the Las Vegas Night Party - 2192

Aftermath of the party.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


 Photo 2171  Harvey Mayfield with hand on keg spout.

 Plaid shirt is Ric Glazer-Danay, cheating at table with Coors can is Don House, Standing ins Tom Kirby with camera, foreground person unknown.  Photo number 2172

 Stag poker night. Photo number 2174  -  September 1967

 Photo number 2177 - Br. Dennis Parcells in white shirt talks with a laughing Br. Sam Herr in plaid shirt.  (Identified by Br. John Bogdanoff.)

Standing Phi Capka, unknown, unknown. Seated Bob Marko, Don House and Ric Glazer-Danay
Photo 2178

These photographs are a gift to the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Jerry Berns 2009 - They were originally in a scrap book given to Jerry from Bob Marko's mother, after he died.

Monday, January 3, 2011


These next few postings will contain the remaining photos from the scrapbook of the Beta Chapter - Phi Delta Psi's Pledge Class of 1967
 Beta Chapter poker game with both active and pledge Brothers. Bob Marko drinks from his mug, In VFW chair is Don House, and in wooden chair is Ric Glazer-Danay - others are yet to be identified.
 Refer to photo 2167 (click on image to enlarge)
 Brother Harvey Mayfield stands before the fireplace Phi Delta Psi symbols. Above Harvey's shoulder is a painting depicting the first Fraternity House on Topanga Canyon. Photos are gifts to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Jerry Berns - 2010.  Photo is 2168

Below is a library donated to Beta Chapter from the Brothers of Alpha Chapter at LA Valley College.
 Photo is 2170.


This image was taken from Br. Bill Spivey's Facebook page. Riding with Bill is Br. Ron Simmons. Year is unknown.

(left is Ron Simmons - right is Bill Spivey-  click on image to enlarge)
 Brother Bill Spivey