Thursday, July 3, 2008


As you probably have been expecting, I've been thinking about the Campaign for the Maple Leaf Endowment Fund. We need to have a meeting of the Endowment's Board first, to decide how much we will be giving in scholarships and our fund-raising goals.
So, you might enjoy what happened to me at lunch today.

I met Janne (my wife) and her office mates for lunch in Woodland Hills. When Janne arrived she handed me a check from one of our Brothers. It was for $500. "What a grand way to kick off the campaign season," I thought.
During lunch my wife's partner Steve, who went to Valley College after Van Nuys High School, asked what the Maple Leaf Endowment Fund is about. I explained our scholarships for Valley, Pierce, LA City, Moorpark, CSUN and Virginia Tech.
As we were leaving, Steve handed me a check for $500.
The old Phi Delt magic still works!
So, your Brotherhood raised $1,000 for our Endowment Fund today. Lunch anyone?

Note: I intentionally do not list contribution amounts made by our Brothers. This is so that those with lesser incomes won't feel awkward. I do hope, no matter what you income level, that you'll let us know you care with a contribution of $13.

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