Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Special thanks to our Brothers and Friends who have donated to the Maple Leaf Endowment Fund in 2008.

Dale Alexand - Alpha Chapter
Art Aston - Alpha Mother Chapter - Beta Chapter
Don L. Barnhart - Alpha Mother Chapter
Bruce Beardsley - Delta Chapter
Lance Beiner - Beta Chpater
Dave Berman - Alpha Chapter
Jerry Berns - Beta Chaper
Bill Boarders - Alpha Chapter
Dean Brewster - Beta Chapter
Gerald Buttaccio - Alpha Mother Chapter - Beta Chapter
John Caminiti - Beta Chapter
Phil Capka - Beta Chapter - Donated in Memorium
Jim Easter - Virginia Tech Chapter
Richard Ennis - Alpha Chapter
Jerry Fecht - Alpha Mother Chapter
Eric Haupt - Beta Chapter
Tim Herles - Alpha Chapter
LeRoy D. Hunt - Beta Chapter
Tim Jackson - Alpha Chapter
Tom Kirby - Beta Chapter
Clay Koerner - Beta Chapter
Vance Meyer - Alpha Mother Chaper - Gamma Chapter - Pi Kappa Tau
Clifford Moseley - Virginia Tech Chapter
James O'Brien - Beta Chapter
Steve Parmelee - Beta Chapter
Roland Scott - Alpha Chapter
Gerald Olson - Beta Chapter
Dave Page - Beta Chapter
Barry Marks - Alpha Chapter
Vance Meyer - Alpha Chapter - Gamma Chapter - Pi Kappa Tau
Tom Montes - Beta Chapter
Jim Reeves - Beta Chapter
Michael Tozzi - Beta Chapter

Stephen Weir (Friend - CPA partner of Janne Fecht)

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