Sunday, April 26, 2009


Jerry Fecht 2009 (click on image to enlarge)
I have been getting beaten up for not having my picture among those I took at Barone's and Sol y Luna this last week. The reason is simple, I was the one taking the pictures. So, here I am yesterday at San Elijo Lagoon near Cardiff / San Diego. The Lagoon is a nature preserve that Janne and I contribute to.
I was a member of our Fraternity's second pledge class, in the Fall of 1957. Today, I am working to bring about a significant Museum of history and culture for the San Fernando Valley. The fun part about the project is that I get to see Gary Fredburg and Grady Talbot a lot, so much so that I forget that we are all getting older.
Dave Stole once said to me that "people have to work on friendships." and I really believe this. By working on the Phi Delta Psi archives for the Museum, I am in regular communication with LeRoy Hunt. By working on this blog, I hear regularly from John Bogdanoff and Al Conahan.
Life is good. Jerry

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