Wednesday, April 15, 2009


(click on image to enlarge) - Photo in the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley - photo number: 0409-044-878
Sherrie Eislaben donated two group photos of Beta Chapter, both of which had been damaged. Brother LeRoy Hunt used photoshop techniques to restore this composite image for our enjoyment.
Back Row (l to r)
Larry Tunison, Chuck Radford, Pete Shields, Dennis Scully, Sam Cota, Dick Mlack, Mike Bair, Rick Haupt, Steve Alleman, Ray Allopena and Tom Westberg
Middle Row
Bill Eisleben, Doug Fitgerald, Bill Hiegert, Don George, Ken Clark, Bruce Benner, Don Zchernig, Clay Koerner, John Donald and Don House
Front Row:
Jerry Berns, Jim Colbert, President Tim Ahlberg and Phil Capka

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Gerald R. Fecht said...

Jerry, just saw the new picture posted. That is the same photo I had; and sent to you back in 2006 or so I think. Shame they had to restore it. I think I still have it in my safe deposit box at the bank.
Dick Mlack