Thursday, April 23, 2009


We had just about finished our Phi Delt 13th Hour lunch at Barone's Pizza Restaurant, when Tom Montelone leaned around a wooden pillar and announced, "I've got a Phi Delt surprise for you guys!" Then appeared Br. Hank Garfiled, whom most of us hadn't seen in years and years. I didn't recognize him until he spoke. His voice hasn't changed an iota.
Br. Garfield was initiated into our Fraternity in the Fall of 1959. He was among the first initiates in the Oxnard House.
Hank spends his retirement years inventing things useful to the film and television industry. He was one of the four Brothers who formed the Phi Delt Barber Shop Quartet (Craig Pinkard, Mike Padden and Jerry Cipperly).

Hank Garfield at Barone's April 23, 2009 (click on image to enlarge)

Tommy Monteleone is the proprietor of Barone's Italian Restaurant, where we will be having our last Thursday of the month lunches. He was a Sig Delt at Valley College, and graduated from Notre Dame High School, I believe in Al Aquino's class.

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