Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Dear Brothers,
A Couple of Reminders:

1) This Thursday (3rd Thursday of the Month) is Phi Delta Psi lunch day at Barone's Pizza in Valley Village (very near Valley College). The restaurant is just west on Oxnard where it crosses Woodman. Parking is $1.50 - No host - prices are reasonable - good food.
Come join us at 1 pm - The 13th Hour.

2) The Fraternity's 53rd birthday is October 13th. To celebrate Pierce College is hosting a reception (co-hosted by the Maple Leaf Society and The Museum of the San Fernando Valley) to honor Br. Rick Glazer-Danay's great career as an artist. Garden reception from around 5:30 pm until 6"30 pm - then a presentation by Rick. At 8 pm you'll be out in time to party. RSVPs are important for Pierce to plan on things. Let me know if you, and any guests plan to come.

3) It's time to send along your donation to the Maple Leaf Endowment Fund. Remember, your donation is tax deductible.

4) Thanks for your support of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley. Br. Rick Tozzi just sent us two years of Pierce College newspapers and school's 20th anniversary year book.

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