Monday, January 4, 2010


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front left to right
Joe Reggio, Tom Montes, Ric Glazer-Danay, Clay Koerner, Ron Simmons, Grady Talbot and Richard Box
back left to right
Jerry Fecht, Gary Fredburg, Steve Falk, Bob Robar, Dean Brewster, Jerry Berns, Dave Page, Clem Boylan, Don George, Lance Beiner, John Bogdanoff, Dave Ashley, Jerry Gillman and Dennis Parcelles.

A great turn out at Los Angeles Pierce College to honor the life's work of artist Richard Glazer-Danay, our Fraternity Brother. On the folding chair is the hard-hat sculpture Ric made for the Pierce College Foundation. The Foundation, along with The Museum of the San Fernando Valley and Maple Leaf Society of the Phi Delta Psi Fraternity hosted the reception on the Pierce campus.

You could tell that these guys are settled into their seniority, by the fact that there was no spontaneous outburst of "We Are The Phi Delt Raiders............"

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