Saturday, January 1, 2011


Among the artifacts of the late Danton Burroughs were two Tri Chi fraternity photograph albums. They, as you might expect after 50 years were in pretty bad shape. The photos had been glued onto high acid content paper, and virtually none identified the people in the pictures. On occasion there were processing dates in the margins.
One series of photos was marked "Phi Delt" stag. Reviewing them, many of the young men in the pictures are indeed Brothers of Phi Delta Psi (Beta Chapter). The location of the stag is the Chi Chi Chi house, location unknown. Perhaps some of you may know the Tri Chis or unidentified Phi Delts in these rare pictures. 

In the background upper left may be Bros. Al Conahan and Pat Stein.  - Photo 2110

These photographs are in the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley under Chi Chi Chi.
They are a gift to The Museum from Linda Burroughs in 2010. Click on images to enlarge them. Refer to the photo number when responding to this posting. Your support of the Maple Leaf Endowment Fund and The Museum of the San Fernando Valley is greatly appreciated.
 Against the wall with Phi Delt mug is Br. Dave Cox. at the far right is Br. Bill Hiegert.
In the middle front with Br. Fred Hess (with white shirt) at far fight are Brs. Joe Reggio (Phi Delt shirt) and Ray Ross.
 I think these are both Tri Chis.

 Seated in the foreground with beer stein is Br. Ray Ross.  At the upper right, with Phi Delt beer mug is Br. John Bogdanoff.
I don't know who these guys playing poker are. I doubt if they are Phi Delts because the stakes are too low.

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