Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Among the photographs kept by Brother Bob Marko were these pictures given to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley by Jerry Berns in 2009. Some images have been cropped to bring out the people in the pictures.
 New Year's Eve December 31, 1957 at the first Fraternity house at 5807 Topanga Canyon Boulevard.
At left holding Phi Delt mug in blue suit is Founder Jim Maquirk. In gray jacket is Br. Edward Brickman (Fall 1957). I think the man behind the woman in red is Br. Gary Smith (but, am not sure).
Man at right is unknown.  Refer to photo 2300 (click on image to enlarge)

 New Brother Dale Sonnabend presents President Roy LoBianco with a restored antique telephone. Seated is Brother Richard Magidson.  (Photo number 2301)

 Founder Donald B. Taggart at the Fall 1959 Rush Smoker. (photo number 2302)

This bar was built at the Topanga house during the Fall of 1957. Brother Jerry Fecht (with curly hair no less) is tending it. Brother Bob Robar peaks in from the far lest. At the right is Founder Jim Maquirk.  (Photo 2303) -  December 31, 1957.

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