Thursday, March 31, 2011


Our sister Gayle Montes sent these two photographs of the Beta Chi Delta Sorority at Los Angeles Pierce College. Gayle commented:  "Those of us still married to Phi Delts include: Louie and Pat Syre, Mike and Pam Sangster, Scott and Barbara Motto, Tom and Gayle Montes, LeRoy and Sherry Hunt, Dean and Patty Brewster.  Also Phil and Nancy Gatch were married until her death in 2008."
  Beta Chi Delta Sorority – Los Angeles Pierce College – 1962

Photo donated to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley by Gayle Montes 2011.  (click on image to enlarge)

Front row:
Sharon Brodie, Anita Fernandez, and Judy Liberman
Middle row:
Faye Taylor, Gayle Dillon, Judy Bennett, Pam Dick, Renn Morrison,
Judy Stumpf and Nancy Crouch.
Top row”
Sherry Dennis, Barbara Van Winkle, Pat Early, Lynda Dodds,
Wendy Wolfe and Cheryl Bergen.

Beta Chi Delta - Presents 1962
left to right
Cheryl Bergen, Donna McCrummen, Anita Fernandez, Maureen Streeter, Nancy Crouch, Jan Cheney, Renn Morrison, Marily Breault, Judy Stumpf, Sandy Smiley, Sandy Aston, Olga Caviedes, Gayle Dillon, Sherry Smith, Pam Dick and Sharon Humbard.  (click on image to enlarge) This photo is number 2690.

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