Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Brother Bill Danton was born in 1943. He was initiated into the Delta Chapter of the Phi Delta Psi in the Fall of 1961.
After leaving LACC he attended Cal State Northridge, then OCS in Newport, Rhode Island.   Bill served 3 years in the United States Navy, including one year in Vietnam as a diving officer.  
 Brother Bill Danton
On his return to the United States Brother Danton Attended the University of Houston earning both a Master of Arts and Ph.D. degrees.  He then completed a one year internship with the San Francisco Veterans Administration. After his internship, Bill moved to Lake Tahoe, where he lived for 21 years.  "Most of my career was at the VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System, where I retired ... as Associate Chief of Staff for Mental Health."
"I have a private practice in clinical psychology and consult to a couple of employee assistance programs, including DRG.  I am President of the Nevada State Psychological Assoc and   have produced a DVD for golfers "Tools for Your Mental Game" (temp website = www.golfersedgeusa.com).
Bill's wife Susan is an RNFA (First Assist) for a plastic surgeon in Reno.  
He has also authored other 30 professional articles and publications.  In addition, Bill Danton is establishing the only accredited psychological intern program in Nevada within an EAP organization at Dynamic Resource Group, Inc.

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