Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Our little sister Rosalyn Stern Krause brought the ashes of our Brother Art Hortze to a memorial luncheon at Pancho's Restaurant in Manhattan Beach this Monday July 25th, 2011. It was the kind of occasion that Uncle Artie would have liked - those of us who attended did.

 Uncle Artie's ashes were in the white box with a shot of Johnny Walker Black Label scotch supplied by Br. Gary Fredburg. The Phi Delta Psi candlestick was used during the 50th Reunion of our Brotherhood. So that you know we were true Phi Delts, each of us drank a little of the scotch for Artie.
Jerry Fecht with the hat begins the reading of The Mourners' Kaddish, supplied by Rosalyn Stern Krause. The hat was passed as each Brother at the table read part of the traditional Jewish prayer for the dead. Left to right: Bros. Rod Davis, Mike Rosenthal, Gary Fredburg, Jerry Fecht, Jerry Olson, our friends Marty Smetter, Rosalyn Stern Krause, Paul Queyrel and Arnie Levy.

 Br. Arnie Levy reads the Kaddish for our dear Artie.

Dale Alexander read the Kaddish. Next to Dale is Mary Garcia, lifelong friend of our Brotherhood.

 Rosalyn brought along several items for The Museum of the San Fernando Valley, including her Valley College Theta Rho Theta sweatshirt.

 The house in Manhattan Beach where several of our Brothers lived after graduating from college. It was decided that it would be good place to overlook the ashes of our Brother Art Hortze.

Lifelong friend of the Fraternity Marty Smetter (left) enjoys one of the many funny memories about Art Hortze shared on his memorial dayl By Marty is Br. Mike Rosenthal, Gary Fredburg scattering Art's ashes and Br. Jerry Olson.

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