Friday, December 30, 2011


The best way to name the individuals is through the two group pictures. First the one with 11 sitting on the wall at Cupids includes: front row lft to Rt - Jerry Olsen,Dick Mlack,Jerry Berns,Tom Montes, Allan Plouff and Clem Boylan. Back row lft to Rt.- Mike Mertens, Rick Glazer(pledged name), Joe Palazola, John Bogdanoff and Joe Riggio.
The smaller group picture in front of the Cupids window includes Don George and Dean Brewster. They may have arrived after the picture taken above. 
Yes you are correct there were 13 brothers gathered just the same as the founding fathers?  
 Hope this is helpful.     Bro. Joe Riggio
Left to right on bottom row:
Br. Jerry Olson, Br. Dick Mlack, Br. Jerry Berns, Br. Tom Montes - standing in front from left is Br. Alan Plouff and Br. Clem Boylan.
Left to right at the top row: Br. Mike Mertens, Br. Rick Glazer-Danay, Br. Joe Palazola, Br. John Bogdanoff and Br. Joe Riggio in red.(click on image to enlarge)

 Brs. Jerry Olson, Tom Montes and Don George.

 Brs. Don George, Tom Montes and Dick Mlack

 Br. Clem Boylan arrives as Br. Mike Mertens talks with Br. Don George

Left to right:  (click on image to enlarge)
Jerry Olson, Clem Boylan, Don George, Tom Montes, Joe Palazola, Joe Riggio, Mike Mertens, Dick Mlack and Dean Brewster.

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