Friday, June 22, 2012


 Founders Steve Falk (left) and Grady Talbot stand in front of one of the few remaining original bungalows at Los Angeles Valley College in 2010, where they founded the Phi Delta Psi. In this building, that was the college's historical museum, The Museum of the San Fernando Valley was founded. (click on images to enlarge them)  Photo gift to The Museum from Steve Falk 2012

 Beta Brothers Clem Boylan, Jerry Olson and Tom Montes at Phi Delta Psi lunch at Phillipe's downtown Los Angeles in 2010.  Photo 5099 -  Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley
Photo by Steve Falk.

Phillipe's 2010  left Gary Fredburg, Larry Pitsch, Marv Smith, Arnie Levy and Paul Queyrel. Photo by Steve Falk.  Photo 5100

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