Friday, October 12, 2012


Photo 5245  left Harvey Mayfied

 Here are MORE  long lost photos from Beta Chapter in the Fall of 1966.
Please help us identify unknown Brothers and occasions.  Refer to the identification number from the archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley. 
Identify people from Left to Right - Top row to bottom.

Mail your findings to 

 Mountain Cabin  5242

  Mountain Cabin  5241

   Mountain Cabin  5238

   Mountain Cabin  5237

 5236     far right Sam Herr 





 5227  Bill Eislaben driver - back seat unknown (click on image to enlarge)

far left  Bob Marko      far right Phil Capka in San Fernando Valley State College

Photo 5232 Bob Bemis at right (id by John Bogdanoff)

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