Thursday, January 24, 2013


Last year, Brother Jerry Berns gave The Museum of the San Fernando Valley a treasure trove of Phi Delta Psi photographs and memorabilia. Among them is this hand made pamphlet for a Beta Chapter Rush Smoker from Fall 1968.

Here is a list from the booklet, some names who were not on our membership list.  This means some new detective work.... are you ready!

Randy Andrews  -  President
Merlin Berg
Bob Bemis
Jan Blank
Clem Boylan
Bob Bradbury
Dennis Earl -  Historian
Steve Gallegos
George Gonzales
Greg Helm - Vice President
Gene Hernandez 
Lou Holland
Craig Huseth - Social Chairman and Sargent at Arms
Tom Jennings 
Jim Lega - Sports Director
Mike Levine
Dave Loehr -  Academic Coordinator
Ray Lupacchini
John Mason - Treasurer
Mike Mellin
Morry Markowitz
Frank Nemecek
Greg Newell -  Master of Traditions and Rituals
Mitch Phillips - Corresponding Secretary
Dick Powell
Thorny Rogers - Recording Treasurer
Gary Sando 
Bill Ward - Pledge Master
Ed Wild
Chris Wyatt - Keeper of the Keg

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