Tuesday, April 9, 2013


How about helping to identify these Alpha Chapter Brothers in this 1964 photograph - courtesy of Brother Ron Lutz.   (click on image to enlarge)
Br. Paul Craig in Bend, Oregon responds as follows

1st row - left to right - ?, Dave Gilbreath, Tom Ny, Paul Craig
2nd row - Steve Weiss, Rich Ennis, Perry Paul, Bob Magdaleno, Vic Salerno
top row - Ken Smith, Jim Littrell, Coach Sam Epstein, Dave O'Doul

Bro. Paul Craig notes "Sam Epstein was the father of Syd Epstein who was a Little Sister of the Phi Delts.  Somehow, he got roped into being the Coach/Advisor for our softball team.  ...  I went to high school with Syd at Grant and have remained in touch with her over the years and she remains as beautiful as she was back then.  Recently she told me that her Dad has the fondest memories of the Phi Delts and mentions his time with us frequently."
We have no up to date information on:
Perry Paul   who may be living in Encino

Jerry Fecht has a record of a "Lee" Epstein Fall 1963
but nothing more.   The same is true for Dave O'Doul
or:  James Oliver Littrell 

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