Friday, July 19, 2013


When word got out that Brother Scotty Motto would be at our July Phi Delta Psi lunch at Baroni's Pizza in Valley Village, we got a great turnout. Attending were; Tom Montes (Beta), Rod Davis (Alpha), Jerry Fecht (Alpha), Dale Alexander (Alpha), Clem Boyland (Beta) Lee Preisler (Beta), Pete Ruiz (Alpha), Steve Falk (Founder), Grady Talbot (Founder), Jim Reeves (Beta), Joe Palazzola (Beta), Bob Malone (Beta), Arnold Levy (Alpha), Gary Fredburg (Alpha), Phil Gatch (Beta), Scott Motto (Beta), Jerry Berns (Beta), Robb Miller (Beta), and John Witmsatt. 
The ghost of Founder Don Taggart appeared several times and attempted to disrupt the lunch, but failed.
Some talk about a reunion - maybe at the Chumash Casino resort near Santa Inez in Santa Barbara County - golf for McAlevey and Olson, gambling for the rich and less active, a tour of the wine country or a 12 step meeting - or both, the old mission Santa Inez (at our ages, not a bad idea), bike paths and nearby Solvang.  If it's too expensive we'll shine it on.

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