Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Br. Brent's family sent me a memorial page some time ago, but I lost it in my backlog of emails. (click on these images to enlarge them)

The following is a statement made by one of Brent’s children Sarah Skarden:

Brent in front of his restaurant in Kailua, Hawaii.

"Brent was born in Milwaukee, Wisconson on Feb. 24th, 1942.  He worked hard his entire life to support his family, mostly through his amazing gifting with food.  He also had a love for the study of American History and Biblical Theology.  His love for family and friends kept a smile on his face.  He was known for his "no BS" philosophy of life, his sense of humor, and his amazing food.  He enjoyed making people happy with a good meal.  He is survived by his wife, Joanne Brody, son Derek, and three daughters, Yanah, Shanah, and Sarah, along with 13 grandchildren.  We will always remember his laugh, his hard working hands, and his love for Jesus."   

 Brent Brody and grandchild.        photo 2

 Brent's family      photo 3

 photo 4

 Brent and          in front of his deli - Photo 5

 Brent and his son Derek.   photo 6

 photo  7

 Brent's daughters.        photo 8

 photo 9

 Brent Brody      photo 10

 Brent Brody's children    photo 11

 Joanne and Brent Brody and their children. 
photo 12 

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