Thursday, November 14, 2013


7 of the 13 pledges of Fall 1957.
(l to r) Bob Robar, Dick Radcliffe, Eddy Brickman, Al Goldman, Johnny Valvo, Mike Padden and in front Don Barnhart. (click on this image to enlarge it.) Check out the t.v. antennas. (refer to photo 1013-002-6307 - The Museum of the San Fernando Valley.

I was sorting through a box of my slides from my years as a teacher at Moorpark College, when I found a trove of very early Phi Delta Psi images. The color on the slides is badly faded but with the help of Br. Gary Fredburg who got a dozen of them printed, and photoshopped by me, the pictures are pretty clear.   Jerry Fecht

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