Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I am Brother Robert ( Bob) DeFonte. I just happened to come across lost brothers,,when i was looking something up under my name.
I am living in ________l Georgia, no longer a Calif. boy.
I was married to a beautiful woman named Kay. I'm sorry to say she passed away in 2005. thats when i moved to Georgia, to try and start a new life. not too easy when youve put on a few years.
I have 10 grand kids a one great grand daughter.
I was a general contractor in Calif..and now trying to do the same in Georgia.
just thought i'd fill you in on a few things that have gone on in my life.
I would like to hear how some of my old brothers are doing now.
Thanks and God Bless,,, Bob

Please note: If you wish to contact Br. Bob DeFonte contact LeRoy Hunt or Jerry Fecht for his address.

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