Wednesday, August 6, 2008


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Can You Believe This Picture ! ?

We were at Lake Sabrina over the 4th of July weekend. On Saturday, late in the day, this was the last fish caught by one of our fearless crew (Ryan) - one of about 15 fish over the weekend. The last “big fish” caught at Lake Sabrina was a 6 pounder some time back. (Ryan is the son of Bob Robar and his wife Susanna).

Caitlin (Tony and René's daughter-14) caught her own fish and learned the ever helpful procedure of "cleaning" the fish. Maria, Ryan's fiancee, caught one, and of course Bob had his turn at the catching of fish.

But, Ryan surpassed them all!

Ryan caught that big one with a 4 lb. fishing line, a 16 treble hook, and the old American Eagle fishing pole he used when he was a little boy with Robert on fishing trips - the pole was broken, so that same morning before leaving camp for the boat, he mended it with black electrical tape!

It also seemed that everyone else out on the lake at that time was not catching anything. When they saw Ryan's fish come out of the water, no one on the lake murmured another sound.

You can link to for the Sabrina newsletter picture and article. Look for it in the L.A. Times, as well.

Now we are looking for recipes on how to "fry" this big fish!

Just too much, Susanna

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