Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Here's a challenge to our Delta Chapter Alumni

I found this pledge test for Delta Chapter in an old Phi Delt scrapbook today. I thought I would challenge you to take it again after 45 years. Just for ducks! Jerry Fecht

Pledge Name

1. Write out the following"
A. Greek Alphabet (include names and symbols)
B. The Obligations
C. The Standard
D. The Creed
E. The Original Founding Members
F. The Founding Members of Delta Chapter
G. Presidental Cabinet

2. Who was the first President of Delta Chapter?

3. Who was the second President of Delta Chapter?

4. Who were the third, fourth and fifth Presidents of Delta Chapter?

5. Who founded Delta Chapter?

6. Where was the first "real" Fraternity House located?

7, When and where did Phi Delta Psi begin?

8. What was the original name of the Fraternity?

9. Who designed your Pledge Pin?

10. Who designed your Fraternity Pin?

11. Who designed the Crest? When was it adopted?

12. What was the "Lady Plaque"?

13. Who founded the Alumni Association? When?

14. Who wrote the Fraterntiy song?

15. Name the Presidents and Vice Presidents of all three chapters of the Phi Delta Psi Fraternity.

16. Name the first seven Presidents of Phi Delta Psi.

17. List four ways the number 13 is associated with the Fraternity.

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