Thursday, October 16, 2008


Gary Smith's Family & Grady Talbot - Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley 2008
Left: Fraternity Founder Grady Talbot, Gary Smith's brother, Beta Chapter Founder Gary Smith, and Gary's parents.(click on image to enlarge) Gary was a member of the Fraternity's Second Pledge Class in the Fall of 1957.

The Campaign for The Maple Leaf Endowment Fund is underway. Thanks to the following Friends and Brothers who have supported the effort. Thus far we have raised $3,012.13. We have several large pledges in the works, that will really help.
Have a splendid fall! Jerry Fecht

Art Aston - Alpha Mother Chapter - Beta Chapter
Don L. Barnhart - Alpha Mother Chapter
Bruce Beardsley - Delta Chapter
Jerry Berns - Beta Chaper
Dean Brewster - Beta Chapter
John Caminiti - Beta Chapter
Phil Capka - Beta Chapter - Donated in Memorium
Richard Ennis - Alpha Chapter
Jerry Fecht - Alpha Mother Chapter
Tim Herles - Alpha Chapter
LeRoy D. Hunt - Beta Chapter
Tom Kirby - Beta Chapter
Clay Koerner - Beta Chapter
Clifford Moseley - Virginia Tech Chapter
James O'Brien - Beta Chapter
Roland Scott - Alpha Chapter
Gerald Olson - Beta Chapter
Dave Page - Beta Chapter
Vance Meyer - Alpha Chapter - Gamma Chapter - Pi Kappa Tau
Tom Montes - Beta Chapter

Stephen Weir (Friend - CPA partner of Janne Fecht)

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