Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Recently, while I was discussing our forthcoming Maple Leaf Endowment contribution to the Pierce College Foundation, Dennis Washburn (the Executive Director of the Foundation) and were talking about how community colleges and how they make huge differences in the lives of students.
I e-mailed many of our Beta Chapter alumni to share their views about what Pierce College had done for them. I thought my Phi Delta Psi Brothers might want to read some of the responses. Here are the thoughts of Scott Motto:

"I was 22 years old when I got out of the Navy and decided that a full time job and part time college would be the right mix. I interviewed for a job at Litton Industries for a tech job, something I had done in the service. The man interviewing me suggested that if possible, I ought to change that mix to full time college and part time work. A very generous and understanding dad, agreed with that interviewer and allowed me to enroll at Pierce College.

Two things changed my life from that point on. One was to be accepted by Phi Delta Psi and the life long friends and brothers that I gained. The other was the solid counseling that interviewer gave me. Oh yeah, his name is Evan Maas and he was the Dean of Men Students at Pierce College. If you're out there Evan, Thank You. And Thank You to all my Phi Delt brothers."

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