Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ditch day was a beloved Pledge Brothers' tradition in the Phi Delta Psi Fraternity. Here the six Pledges of Spring 1967 announce their organized rebellion from their Pledge jobs, by presenting the Ditch Day skin to be placed in the Fraternity house (without getting caught) Often Ditch Day was accompanied by the kidnapping of favorite active members.
 front: Michael Tozzi, left in white jacket is Steve Roberts, Craig Huseth, Michale Lombari drinking a beer, Eldon Griffis, and Michael Levine holding a goose of some sort.   photo 2180

 Pledge Ron Nelson in red sweatshirt, Michale Lombardi with hands in the air, Bob Dianella with hat, and Elton Griffis with checkered shirt - men in the background are unknown - Photo 2182
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 Steve Roberts with beer, Michael Tozzi looking over his arm unknown giving the camera the finge, and Elton Griffis  (click on image to enlarge - photo number 2183)
 Laying Ditch Day plans Spring 1967   foreground left is Eldon Griffis, Craig Huseth in plaid shirt,
on couch is Jan Blank (who changed his name to Paul Brandon after college) and Ken Keener with white hat.  - photo 2184
Br. Dusty Raby with two young women - photo among Ditch Day images - 2181

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