Tuesday, January 4, 2011


 Photo 2171  Harvey Mayfield with hand on keg spout.

 Plaid shirt is Ric Glazer-Danay, cheating at table with Coors can is Don House, Standing ins Tom Kirby with camera, foreground person unknown.  Photo number 2172

 Stag poker night. Photo number 2174  -  September 1967

 Photo number 2177 - Br. Dennis Parcells in white shirt talks with a laughing Br. Sam Herr in plaid shirt.  (Identified by Br. John Bogdanoff.)

Standing Phi Capka, unknown, unknown. Seated Bob Marko, Don House and Ric Glazer-Danay
Photo 2178

These photographs are a gift to the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Jerry Berns 2009 - They were originally in a scrap book given to Jerry from Bob Marko's mother, after he died.

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