Monday, April 28, 2008


Photo # PCB -2-61
director: Br. Larry Tunison
singers: L to R
Rayne Sherman, John Donald, Eric Haup, Bill Eisleben, and Al B. Conahan

This is a comment on the photo by Br. Al B. Conahan
"Hello All,
The song leader is our beloved Larry Tunison. I would guess sometime near Christmas Time in the Fall of "62". Why? because Bill and I were in the Fall of "62" class.
It seems to be at a Pierce classroom or study hall. May have been for the Greek Organizations Holiday presentation held at the school for the community.

Larry played the guitar and often lead us in song at the frat house. Very fond memories. My favorite diddy he would do for us , was "Have a little Madeira My Dear". I remember when you came to the house once, Jerry, we were in a singing mood and all of us were in good form. You were impressed at how damn good we were. If i knew then what i know now, we would have released an album.

I like playing "Name that Brother (or sister)" as it were. Keeps my "Madd Cow" under control.
I remain Big AL

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Gerald R. Fecht said...

Can someone spell my name correctly in the Blog?
> Great photographs, bring back lots of memories - was
> I really singing? Or,
> just filling space.
> Rayne Sherman