Thursday, May 1, 2008


One of the San Fernando Valley's greatest friends of history, Danton Burroughs has died. Dan died sometime after 10 last evening. He had struggled with Parkinson's Disease for sometime, but his death may have been related to a significant fire among his historical treasures on April 30th. Danton was the grandson of the beloved author Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of Tarzan.
Danton died at his home in Tarzana, a San Fernando Valley suburb named by his grandfather. Danton was the son of the great American photographer John Coleman Burroughs. He was a founder of the Tarzana Museum and supporter of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley.
Danton was a member of Chi Chi Chi Fraternity at Los Angeles Pierce College and was a lifelong friend of many members of the Beta Chapter of the Phi Delta Psi Fraternity. Among the last persons to speak with him is Br. Jerry Berns who had a long conversation with Dan about 8 o'clock last evening. He commented to Jerry Fecht, the morning after the fire, that he cherished his college friends, who were the greatest of his treasures.
At Dan's request, Jerry Fecht went to his home the morning after the fire to photograph damage. The photographs are a tragic record of how fragile our friendships and our history can be.
Services for Danton are not as yet decided.

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