Friday, September 5, 2008


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The most important place in a Phi Delta Psi Chapter was the Fireplace Room. In the center was the Ritual Candle, always lighted when a Brother was in the house, except when people were sleeping. The colors of the candles indicated special activities in process. Both Alpha and Beta Chapters had candle sticks from the original Topanga Canyon Stable House. Behind the candle was the Fraternity's Crest. To the sides of the candle were the names of Chapter Founders and Chapter Presidents. At the immediate left was a plaque with the names of those in the United States Armed Forces.
At the right of the fireplace were Pledge Paddles. Each class created a symbolic paddle with the class' motto and members' names. One such paddle remains and is in the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley. The paddle represented the fact that Phi Delta Psi Fraternity did not paddle its pledges.

These are three of four black and white, 8 by 10 photographs found in the box in Bob Robar's attic. There are no dates, or indications of the photographer.

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