Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Letter from Theron Ives 26 February, 1963 -(click on image to enlarge)

This last Tuesday Founders Grady Talbot and Doug West invited Br. Bob Robar and me to join them for lunch at the Odessy Restaurant in Granada Hills. (I hadn't been there in at least 20 years and it was not an iota different.) As with every Phi Delt reunion dinner or lunch, the question of "what made Phi Delta Psi so different?" came up. It's always the same... loyalty. And, loyalty in the face of discomfort, inconvenience or even danger. :Is this the kind of guy who will come and rescue me in the middle of the night, without making excuses."
On the way home, I stopped at Bob Robar's to pick up a box of mixed stuff. Original minutes of Gamma and Beta Chapters. Minutes from the original Topanga Canyon stable and a bunch of pictures. I'll already stated posting them for your enjoyment.
There was one letter among the things - A letter from A3C Ives, Theron B. AF1975950581 - Mail Room 4, Box 4698
Chanute AFB Illinois
Dear Brother Jerry,
Please find enclosed $2.00 deposit for the Maple Leaf Ball. Do not know where I'll be stationed in October but hope to make it to the Ball near or in California.
Will graduate from school here in April, will then get my orders to my new base.
Hope to see all of my Brothers then. Brother Terry
Please credit $2 to my name.
Home address:
Terry B. Ives Beta Chapter
8386 Ponce Avenue, Canoga Park, California

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