Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My favorite Beta Chapter Group Photograph - (click on image to enlarge) Brother LeRoy Hunt will identify all of these guys for us.

Presentation of the Torch-Bearer Pledge Paddle - Brother Louie Syre will identify these guys for us. (click on image to enlarge)

These photographs come from a box in Bob Robar's attic - more on the way. The images are stored in the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley, and in the electronic files of Br. LeRoy Hunt in Santa Barbara. We are, after all in Earthquake country.

Bob Robar and Bill Westmyer were on the way to Palm Springs, a long haul in the late 1950s. Bill got sleepy and asked Bob to drive. Bob agreed and went to sleep at the wheel. The car took off over the sand dunes and scarred the heck out of Bob who quickly turned to get back on the highway. "God, what happened?" gasped Bill. "Wow, there was this huge coyote...." replied Brother Robar. "Good thing you didn't hit the s.o.b." said Westmyer, "My dad would have been really pissed off!"
(edotpr's note: I wonder if Br. Fire Captain Robar ever told Bill the truth about the coyote? Humm?

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Gerald R. Fecht said...


The second picture is Jerry Berns presenting the Spring 62 pledge plaque to Bob Marco. Jerry was our pledge captain and Bob the pledge master. This was my pledge class, and there were 13 of us, natch!! This was our initiation ceremony/banquet at a restaurant in Sherman Oaks I believe.

Upper left hand corner by the flag is Mike Sangster. Lower left hand is one of my pledge brothers, Bob D'Amato. LeRoy should have no trouble identifying Louie Syre, Ron Lutz, Jerry Silver, George Bloch. The blond headed guy in the lower right hand corner I believe is Ross Hanover, another of my pledge brothers.