Friday, May 22, 2009

Thursday's Phi Delt Lunch

Jerry Berns
Jerry Fecht
Gary Fredburg
LeRoy Hunt
Arnie Levy
Joe Palazola
Tom Montes
Ralph Muzzillo
Grady Talbot
It was so nice for Uncle Artie Hortze to have us send him the bill.

"It was great seeing everyone yesterday. It so good to see Ralph. I was going to join his group (Pi Kappa Tau alumni) that evening, butsomething came up and had to go home.
Boy, are you fast on the blog site!
I have one correction. While I did pledge in the Fall of '59, I chose (for reasons that I can't remember) to depledge.
Thankfully, the brotherhood allowed me to pledge again in Spring of '60. Ralph did pledge in the Fall of '59.
I have June 18th for the next lunch. Looking forward to it.
I will see if I can't get Jim Reeves and Phil Gatch to come. I wonder if Sam Cota would be available, I will call him.
Joe told me he has some sort of long standing commitment for
the 18th, so unless things change, he can't make that one." LeRoy

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Gerald R. Fecht said...

Uncle Artie writes:
"I'll have a, "Monte Cristo", and a large glass of skim milk. Lots and lots of love from "Big Sky" country.... Fraternally, Uncle Artie xoxoxoxox"

Jerry Fecht writes:
Lots of love from good old LA .... What's a sky?"